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Heinz Kimmerle/Henk Oosterling (eds) Sensus communis in multi- and intercultural perspective

On the possibility of common judgments in arts and politics


Heinz Kimmerle, Zoetermeer/Henk Oosterling, Rotterdam

Sensus communis in Multi-and Intercultural Perspective.
On the Possibility of Common Judgments in Arts and Politics.
Heinz Kimmerle/Henk Oosterling (eds)

Sensus communis
Clarification of a Kantian Concept on the Way to an Intercultural Dialogue

Between Western and Indian Thought
Antoon Van den Braembussche, Rotterdam

Sensus communis and Modernity as a Common Horizon
A Contribution to the Theory of Intercultural Communication
Gerrit Steunebrink, Nijmegen

The Japanese ‘Art Way’ (dô)
Sensus communis in the Context of the Question of a Non-Western
Concept of Modernity

Ryosuke Ohashi, Kyoto

A Culture of the ‘Inter’
Japanese Notions of ma and basho

Henk Oosterling, Rotterdam

Sensus communis in Afrikan Political and Moral Thought
An Akan Perspective
Kwame Gyekye, Legon (Ghana)

‘Uche Ora’: An Igbo View on Sensus communis
Frank U. Uyanne, Awka (Nigeria) and Rotterdam

Sensus communisor sensus particularis ?
A Social-science Comment
Wim van Binsbergen, Leiden and Rotterdam

Islam and Global Dialogue
Yasin Ceylan, Ankara

Absence in Common
Towards a Post-modern Notion of Sensus communis

Tom Dommisse, Amsterdam

The Poetic Community: Kant After Rorty
Sybrandt van Keulen, Amsterdam

A Literary Community Possessed by Death
About Maurice Blanchot and Marguerite Duras
Cornée Jacobs, Rotterdam

Würzburg: Könighausen & Neumann 2000

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