Lichtlose Distel by Friederike Kimmerle, part of IFK's Celan exposition, click the picture, to jump to the 'Auge der Zeit' pages   Two women by Kristina Kugler, click the picture, to jump to her exposition-page at IFK   

Galerie Inter   is owned and run by the Foundation of Intercultural Philosophy and Art.
At Galerie Inter   works of Friederike Kimmerle, Klaus Boennighausen, Gaby Kimmerle and Kambel Dieng are permanentely represented.
Exhibitions of works of other artists take place regularly.

Friederike Kimmerle has been educated at Muenster Germany, she now lives on La Palma and regularly organizes the intercultural project Ultramar. Click the picture, to jump to her page          Klaus Boennighausen (1933-1998) was inspired by African masks, African vegetation and African landscapes. Click the picture to jump to his page

     Friederike Kimmerle                               Klaus Boennighausen
     Waiting for a child                                     Cultural Object

African mask made by Senufo people from West - Africa, click the picture, to jump to our African Proverbs page
Virtual Sage



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Anthonius Kho
Internal Mask

Venda land of legends

Catalogus van de expositie in Zoetermeer

     Kambel Dieng lives on the Senegalese island Gorée. He takes his inspiration from his natural environment and from cultural events around him.Click the picture to jump to his page

Kambel Dieng
Music is in the air

Part of  Galerie Inter´s summer 01 exposition - click the picture to jump to Friederike Kimmerle´s 80ies page at IFK
Friederike Kimmerle Nepalese Impression