Friederike Kimmerle resides on the Canary-island
	   of La palma. She has been educated at Kunstakademie Muenster.
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Friederike Kimmerle (Lavalogy) Flowing lava -Acrylic on photo canvas-100x70 cm
Klaus Boennighausen African Mask 100x70cm Acrylic on Canvas

Klaus Boennighausen (1933-1998) was inspired
	   by African masks, African vegetation and African landscapes.
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Daily African proverb 

Proverb of today


- especially in the fields of philosophy and art



is located at Zoetermeer Netherlands; it devotes itself to the exhibition and publication of intercultural art, as well as philosophical research in close contact with different cultures and the publication of philosophical texts.

At present intercultural communication takes place in many forms all over the world.

We depart from the thesis that in the fields of philosophy and arts intercultural communication can happen on the level of equality.

The Foundation for Intercultural Philosophy and Arts works at the clarification of the theoretical principles for such a form of intercultural communication and at practicing it between philosophers and artists from different cultures.
A focus of the research is to engage in dialogues between African and Western philosophies. Partners are among others: the African Universities of Dakar, Abidjan, Ghana, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Venda and the Western Universities of Rotterdam, Bochum, Vienna. Close cooperation exists with the Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Philosophie which is resident in Cologne.
A key text for the research done is the introduction to the book:
Heinz Kimmerle/Henk Oosterling (eds),(Text1) :; Sensus communis in Multi-and Intercultural Perspective. On the Possibility of Common Judgments in Arts and Politics.
Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2000, p. 11-16:

The series of exhibitions of works by artists from Zoetermeer in the Netherlands and the Canary Island of La Palma Spain is a prominent example for an integrated intercultural project. The project's name is 'Ultramar' which means: overseas. It also refers to the color of the ocean, that connects the two locations. Several exhibitions have been organized in the Netherlands and in Spain.

Kambel Dieng: No Title-Mixed technique on canvas- 95x110cm

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